We understand that many of you will have questions about the Coal Board Medical and other Employment Medical procedures, so we have answered a few below...

Frequently asked questions

Who pays for the Coal Board Medical?

Employers are required to pay for the coal board medical. This includes any referrals and tests required to complete the health assessment (e.g. Chest X-ray).

What does it cost?

Our Coal Board Medical Appointments are $407.00 (currently due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the fact that we are unable to perform spirometry testing, prices are currently $363.00) Including GST.

This will complete sections 1-3 of your medical.

There is also a cost for your Chest X-ray. If you use I-med the standard cost is $175.00 or $250 for an urgent timeframe.

There is also a cost for your section 4 review with your AMA. This depends on your AMA .

How long does it take to get a result?

This can vary and depends on appointment times with the Doctors and how long the Chest X-ray results take. The Doctor’s may also need to request past results or additional tests. This will also affect the time for a result.

You can request an urgent turn around for the Chest X-ray at additional cost. This can be completed in 2 business days and may speed the process along.

There may be additional costs or fees associated with urgent processing.

How often do I need to do a CBM?

When you first start in the industry and at least every 5 years after that.

You may also be required to do certain health checks on a regular basis throughout the 5 years.

You may also need to do a new CBM when you change jobs, employer, or site.

Who is my AMA? How do I get an AMA?

Employers are required to appoint an AMA to sign off on Section 4 of the Coal Board Medical. This information is included in Section 1 of the Coal Board Medical Form.

This involves a written contract between the employer and the AMA. You cannot use an AMA that the employer does not have a written contract with.

If the employer does not have an AMA you will need to contact an AMA and complete a written contract. A register of AMA doctors can be found at https://www.dnrme.qld.gov.au/business/mining/safety/registered-medical-search

What happens to my Coal Board Medical once completed?

The section 4 sign off is provided to the Employer. The Full health assessment is provided to the DNRME.

What information is provided to the Employer?

Only the Section 4 with the Sign off from the AMA will be provided to the Employer.

This may include any subsequent follow-up and assessment requests, but will not contain the information provided in sections 1-3.

What if I want to change my mine site, role or employer?

This is at the discretion of the AMA for your new mine site, role or employer. It can depend on the time since your last Coal Board Medical, Chest X-Ray and the difference in the type of work required.

You may need to complete individual sections or do a new Coal Board Medical. The first step in this process would be to contact the AMA of the new mine site, employer or role.

Can I book in with my normal GP to do a Coal Board Medical?

You may be able to if your GP has done training to become an EMO or AMA Doctor. If they haven’t you will not be able to. EMO Doctors and AMA Doctors have had additional training to complete a Coal Board Medical.

What is the difference between an EMO Doctor and an AMA Doctor?

An EMO Doctor has one level of training in Coal Board Medicals. An EMO Doctor can only complete Section 3.

AMA Doctors have had additional training to be able to Sign off and assess the full Coal Board Medical.

Where can I go for more information?

Please visit the link below to the Queensland Governments information site:


What is the difference between EEM and EMG?

Most people are aware that Emerald Employment Medicals is linked with Emerald Medical Group. To make medical appointments easier for our community we are both located at the same address, however Emerald Employment Medicals is specifically dedicated to any medicals related to work and employment and not general medical appointments. This means that we have a team working solely in this department who are there to answer your enquiries and focus purely on employment medicals, whilst being in a convenient and familliar location.